8 Unique Page Modules Included


Unlimited slides each with optional text and a button.

Text Columns

Easily add columns of content to your page with no code knowledge needed. Each column has the option of an image, title, text and a button.

Text Left, Image Right

Create staggered sections with an image on the right and text on the left...

Image Left, Text Right

...or an image on the left and text on the right to help break up long pages of content.

Full Width Image

Quite simply, a full width image.

Full Width Text

Comes with a text editor to easily add different headings and even text links.

Text Left, Form Right

Generally used on a contact page or a landing page, the form will not only save the information to the database but it can also email a copy to you or even integrate with a 3rd party system like a CRM.

Call To Action Bar

Catch the eye of your visitor with a call to action bar. You have the ability to add a title, text and unlimited buttons linking anywhere you wish.